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Special Promotion - Steak & Grills

Discover the purity of grilling through premium quality steaks and sustainable seafood, only at Lopodo Cafe Canggu. and get 10% discount from our promo.. View our menu to see our full selection of deliciousness. We remain, as ever, with pleasure and always at your service and We use only the freshest ingredients for our artfully prepared dishes.

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Breakfast Promo

Happy Hours Cocktail 2 for 1

Invite your fave drinking buddies to join on buy 1 get 2 on our cocktail choices every day, 5-8 pm. Take advantage of more than 14 choices of cocktails mix by our talented professional bartender. This lively café complements your laid back day with special drinks and enjoyable ambience.


All You Can Eat BBQ

Prepare your palates. Every Friday you can dine in with us and catch our specials All You Can Eat BBQ specials from #lopodocafecanggu. Starting 5 pm - 9 pm with more than 33 choices of quality food suitable for all. You during your meal time you will have the freedom to choose what you would like to have on your plate from meat, chicken, seafood to vegetarian choices we have everything ready for you


Thursday Jazz Live Music

We offer a wide range of cocktail options and culinary experience blend with the Jazz Live Music Experience. Every Thursday, start from 6-9 pm our Jazz Live Music will accompany your Thursday night with an unforgettable experience with friends and family. Get special Happy Hour Free Flow of more than 14 choices of Cocktails, Sangria, Beers and Free Flow Canapes at only IDR 250K IDR 200K/pax at 5.30 pm – 7pm. We are delighted to offer our special set menu to complete your dining option start from IDR 75K/set menu.


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