New Normal Life

Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu are more than ready to serve you under the new normal life protocol.
We always put our customers and staff safety at the top of our priority.
Here is the standard service procedure on the New Normal.
temperature check on customer

Temperature Check

Before entering Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu, our staff and customer needs to have a temperature check to make sure they are safe to enter the building.

Portable Hand Wash Sink

Portable hand wash sink is available in the entrance to Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu to make sure our staff and customers got their hands clean before touching any objects inside

hand sanitizer is available to user for every customer

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is available to use for every customer who entered Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu. Never hesitate to use it for our safety!

Personal Protective Equipment for Waiter/Waitress

To make our guests feel even safe when interacting with our waiter/waitress, we give each of our staff a Personal Protective Equipment to wear in their daily activities at Lopodo Cafe & Catering

personal protective equipment for waiter

Personal Protective Equipment in Kitchen Area

One part that is not visible to guests, the kitchen area, remains a big concern for us. Personal Protective Equipment is a mandatory to use in every cooking processs for our lovely guest.

Daily Cleaning

We always keep our environment healthy and clean. Daily cleaning is a mandatory before customer comes and after customer leaves Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu


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