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Bali is famous for its globalization, and so is its food. That makes it a bit tricky to find the Halal food in Bali, especially Halal Catering in Bali. As a part of Lopodo Catering Canggu, Halal Catering offers the variant's halal menu for any events with BBQ as our highlight. All of our staff have been trained for Halal Food process as well as all processes, starting from the suppliers, selection of food supplies, processing to presentation, have followed halal law. Lopodo Catering are dedicated to providing you delicious, stunningly presented dish that will suit any occasions including parties, wedding, or corporate events.
Halal Catering Bali is suitable for any party food Bali, wedding catering bali, any other home service catering. Your special events will also be accompanied by our Private Chef who will do the live cooking show for you. Combining the original herbs and the magic touch of our chefs, Halal Catering will bring the joyness and happiness to every bite of our food.

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