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Lopodo Cafe And Catering

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Pretty & Delicious

Lopodo Cafe And Catering

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Lopodo Food Service Canggu

Lopodo food service is one of the best food service solution in Canggu that offers various services in the food and beverage industry including Catering, Private Chef and Cooking Class. The product showcase can be enjoyed daily through Lopodo Cafe. Pretty and Delicious is our tagline that absolutely can be seen since we are entering the restaurant building. White color with fancy European style is dominating in each corner with a warm and classy ambiance

Peacock painting is settled on its wall for adding more color and of course, it’s a good background for your selfie purposes. While looking deep into the details, you will be amazed by a perfect combination of table and cutlery that is rich with silver, white and gold color Open concept kitchen is rarely can be seen anywhere but here all of their food preparation can be pictured through a clear glass that giving us a new experience for sure. It is a simple but well-designed restaurant that will lead you to the breath-taking moment when you visit it

While step into the Catering, Lopodo Catering Canggu is the solution for any of your events, from a small BBQ private event or a beautiful romantic dinner until a big scale wedding event and gathering. The Halal concept is our main message together with a healthy option and vegan option blend together to support your successful event.

Brand Values

Championing the minimalistic tagline, ‘Pretty & Delicious’ , our brand takes a no-nonsense, honest approach to our endeavors without compromising quality and aesthetic sophistication. The core DNA of Lopodo Food Serviceis founded on three fundamental pillars that the brand promises to deliver to all its clients and consumers:

Experience—not just taste

Lopodo Food Service aims to stand out by delivering more than just good food. Through careful culinary curation done by a team of experts aided by a series of guidelines and by considering constructive consumer feedback, each interaction with Lopodo Food Serviceis guaranteed to be the culmination of multiple smaller elements that are refined and fully tried-and-tested to make up a wholesome, unforgettable experience.

Trust—not just service

One of the most important qualities required to endure a harsh and competitive business climate, and the one quality often overlooked by many, is service. We are fortunate to have an army of passionate and wilful individuals who have made it their lives’ work to deliver impeccable services to any customer. These are people whom we trust, and whom we intend to reward justly in appreciation of their dedication. We believe that this passion is easily transferred to our customers. This is what’s unique about our service—we believe in what we do, and we do it outstandingly well.

A sense of belonging—not just a comfy atmosphere

Whether it is your first time visiting Lopodo Caféor you’re a regular at our constantly evolving Cooking Class, we aim to create a home for your culinary needs. Aided by a team of veteran designers, we strive to create an environment that goes beyond just making you comfortable within our premises. We do notjust pay attention to details—we tailor every detail according to your needs. We do not simply create a space that welcomes you in every visit—we enhance familiar, relatable elements so that you feel our spaces have been yours all along.


Our Pretty and Delicious menu served with care and love that will lead you to the new experience of a culinary journey. Enjoy your great time and thank you for dining with us!

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Lopodo Cafe Canggu Party Food Bali
Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu Bali, Providing halal food


Lopodo Catering are dedicated to providing you delicious, stunningly presented dish that will suit any occasions including parties, wedding, or corporate events.

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Lopodo Cafe & Catering Canggu offers an authentic flavour take you to endless temptation. Our talented professional team always try to fulfill your needs, what you love to eat and drink. We offer these special offers for your satisfaction, establishing yourself amongst the finest restaurants in Canggu.

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Lopodo Rice Bowl Food To Go, halal food in Canggu Bali

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